Edible Art Supplies for Children

Non-Edible Art Supplies

edible art suppliesWhat child doesn’t put everything into their mouth? Personally, I don’t know of any.

I didn’t have too many art supplies as a child but I sure loved eating the erasers off my pencils. I also had the glue bottle stuck in my mouth more often than not. No wonder I’m a basket case, but that’s another story.

Now I am sure that you have heard of the toxins in everyday products like baby bottles and certain toys.

But have you stopped and considered the ingredients of your children’s art supplies? The  paint, clay, glue, chalk and so on are always in their mouth, right? Well, these art supplies can be loaded with toxic chemicals.

Unsafe Art Supplies

Various chemicals can be used in art supplies to extend the shelf life and to make it easier to use. Some of the toxins include heavy metals, lead, asbestos and organic solvents. The side effects of these chemicals can lead to numerous health issues.  According to Healthy Child Healthy World, exposure to toxic chemicals found in art supplies can result in lung and kidney malfunction, breathing problems, nausea, headaches and cancer.

The Most Deadly Art Supplies

Some of the most harmful art supplies are those that contain solvents such as markers and oil-based paints, commercial dyes, products with lead and heavy metals, scented and permanent markers, powdered paints, aerosol paints and instant paper mâché.

Exposure to Dangerous Art Supplies

The most common exposure to toxic chemicals in art supplies is by mouth. Since we all know that kids are very sensory and love to taste, touch and feel everything. Others ways of exposure include inhalation from vapor or dust and skin contact.

Solutions to Ensure Healthy Art Supplies

art suppliesThe best advice I can give is to get rid of all toxic art supplies. That way there is no threat to possible exposure in the future. However, some people label and store art supplies in a secure area out of harms reach.

There are also other safety methods that can be used to reduce exposure like good air ventilation, mopping the floor instead of sweeping to limit particles in the air and washing your hands directly after using art supplies.

But, and I really mean but; I believe that if you use edible art supplies there is no need for ventilation, constant washing of the hands and telling the children not to eat the paint. If they can’t eat the paint then it cannot be healthy to use.

Finding Edible Art Supplies

Yes, you can find edible art supplies. There are even art supplies that are organic and vegan. I say, it’s about time. Green supplies for children are long overdue. For healthy art supplies the companies are limited but they do exist. You can find organic play dough, crayons tinted with vegetables dyes, sidewalk chalk in radiant colors and even organic face paint.

One of my favorite mom based companies is Wee Can Too. They have a wide variety of edible art supplies your children will enjoy. Click HERE for more information.

Picture Credit

Toddler with Chalk: tanya_little via photopin cc

Homemade Paper: ArtByChrysti via photopin cc

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