I’m Strong to the Finich, Cause I Eat Me Spinach!

So Healthy Nutrition

Blog Image17Remember Popeye, the hero who had to rescue Olive Oyl from “the most remarkable extraordinary fellow,” Sindbad the Sailor? Popeye got his butt kicked and it wasn’t until he managed to scoff down a can of spinach that he was able to turn the tides, pummel the brute, and save the day. Popeye definitely had the right idea with spinach and if there is one simple swap you should be making immediately, it’s this leafy green graciously lying on your sandwich instead of iceberg lettuce.

I would never tell anyone NOT to eat iceberg lettuce, because any lettuce is better than no lettuce, but nutritionally speaking, you are probably getting the same amount of nutrients from that leaf of iceberg lettuce as the Toronto Maple Leafs would get wins. Ouch. However the fact is as follows: compared to other vegetables in regards to total calories versus nutrient density, spinach is…

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