A Healthy Diet | Going Organic

medium_5935076545An organic  diet has finally become popular and has hit the news in a big way. Not so long ago, the majority of society looked at people who ate organic as fanatics or granola heads.

However, “eating organic” has been a natural way of life for centuries! Actually, since the beginning of time.  A green diet is the ONLY way to stay healthy and to maintain your weight. Plus it is an excellent way to conserve renewable energy and preserve our planet.

What you eat has a serious impact on our environment and renewable energy. According to Cornell University researchers, Americans only  need to make small changes in order to reduce approximately 50 percent of our energy consumption used by our food system:

Don’t worry if  you are not sure what to fix.  Here are a few organic recipe ideas to get you started.

Bon Appétit!



organic diet



Main Dishes

Well, you will have to see the delectable list of wonderful main meals:

Living Green……..newsflash

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Orange: Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc

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