Eco Gifts

Eco Green Gift Guide eco giftsHi everyone, thanks for being patient. With the holidays, then New Year’s and now it’s almost Spring,  I have been swamped with thousands of projects. But that is a good thing! Right!


Update for Green Shoppers Okay green shoppers, you have come to the right place if you are shopping for a loved one or yourself.  Finding the right Green site to fit your needs can take hours or even days.   So,  I have Done ALL the Research for you. Eco gift shopping couldn’t be easier. Here are a few ideas to help you out:

Green Gift Ideas Additionally, here is a small gift guide to get you started:

carved acacia panels Edible Art Supplies | Wee Can To

Eco Flowers in Winter | Ecotulips

Eco Fashion Tees | Econcious

Green Fashion Green Clothes | Clean Spirited

Organic Bouquet for Delivery | Perfect Gifts


Picture Credit Eco Gift Wrap: lisaclarke via photopin cc

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