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History By Sushima

For anyone who has ever traveled to the Caribbean, I’m sure you’ve encountered rum cake especially in the airports where companies like Tortuga Rum Cakes have delicious cakes prettily packaged.  This is definitely not like that rum cake.  It is much more dense (due to the fruits) with a much more distinct rum taste – so if you like rum, this is definitely the cake for you.

Black cake is synonymous with Christmas the same way eggnog is for Canadians. It is the Caribbean version of the British dessert PLUM PUDDING (yes colonialism gave us lots of things) but with some slight Caribbean-esque changes (hence the rum). Whilst Christian missionaries made their ways through Caribbean communities, they left an indelible mark in the foods that continue to be a staple of the Caribbean diet.  Plum pudding is but one example of the remaining British presence throughout.

It’s impossible to have…

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