New Year, New Earth


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With the new year here, we are supposed to make new years resolutions.  Most people say that they’re going to lose 20 pounds or stop eating chocolate, but why not resolve to recycle more?  It would be the easiest resolution ever and you’d be helping everybody else and the world out with you.  I know this is on my list of resolutions.


Did you know?

*Americans use 50 million tons of paper annually.  To put this in perspective, that equals about 850 million trees.

*Energy saved from recycling 1 aluminum can is enough to power your TV for 3 hours.

*Large areas of South and Central America have been cleared to bring cheap beef to producers in the U.S.  Much of this land being cleared was originally rainforest.

*Rainforests are extremely important to our health.  1 in 4 prescription medications have ingredients that come from our rainforests.

It’s really amazing…

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