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of agates and madeleines

There is something so special about the taste of Meyer lemons… they are so herby and fresh and incredible. And there is something equally special about blood oranges; their color reminiscent of a brilliant gem, they easily light up any dish with a peppy burst.

When I think about winter citrus, I often find myself wishing for a strong hit of it…. while also wishing for said hit to be sweet. Helloooo, sorbet.

The nearest grocery store carrying these wintry delicacies is a two hour drive away from my weekday forest dwelling, but thankfully, it’s also in the town where I still technically reside. I thought about this treat all of last week, and couldn’t wait to pick up the citrus and get sorbeting. And lo! It was delicious.

blood orange + meyer lemon sorbet

I don’t have any of this sorbet with me here in the woods, but I am already looking forward to having…

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