Organic No-till

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Here are two more 2% Solutions that I wrote, one about farming and one about an olive ranch:

Organic No-Till Farming

Rodale Institute, north of Philadelphia, PA.

Many farmers consider organic no-till the ‘holy grail’ of regenerative agriculture because it combines the best of both worlds: reduced soil disturbance and no chemicals. Its development, however, came about as innovations so often do: by accident.

Conventionally, a modern farm requires a tractor and a plow in order to turn over the soil and furrow the land in preparation for seeding and fertilizing. In a no-till system, however, a farmer plants the seed directly into the soil, usually with a mechanical drill pulled behind a tractor. A thin slice is made in the soil by the drill as it moves along, but nothing resembling a furrow. The soil is not turned over and whatever is growing on the surface is largely left…

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