July 10, 2013 ~ The Great Garlic Harvest

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Hunts Brook Farm

Garlic is a truly magical crop. (I apologize in advance if you’re one of the unfortunate individuals who is allergic to garlic; scroll past this post to the CSA list and recipes below if it’s too troubling!) We plant garlic in the fall (we planted the tiny cloves in November), it goes dormant and hibernates over the winter, and bright green sprouts spring through the soil and protective leaf mulch in the early months of the farming season. I’m a little obsessed with garlic and liken it to watching a child grow. I’ve watched it mature from a teeny clove, tracked its height in photos from the field, and I am so proud of its fully developed form on the big harvest day. I guess it’s like a graduation day of sorts:

Garlic harvest is one of the most satisfying, fun events on the farm. You get to work with really…

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