2012 Squash Harvest

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Mary's Veggie Garden

With all the squash harvested, washed, and stored in the basement for winter eating, it’s time to take a look back at the season.

Last spring I delayed (for no reason) the squash planting, sowing seed 5/31, a week later than normal. Then in my home garden chipmunks ate about half the seed so I replanted two weeks later. Normally chipmunks don’t bother early plantings in this garden, but this year they’ve been voracious. When I replanted I covered the hills with big plastic nursery pots held in place with a good-sized rock. This solved the problem, but the squash got off to a late start. The squashes were also in the shadiest part of my home garden. All these problems showed in the yield of my Early Butternuts – only 8 pounds from 3 hills.

I grow squash in two locations: my shady home garden and my sunny community…

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