6 U-Pick Apple Orchards to Visit This Fall

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Red Tricycle

With the kids back to school and fall on the horizon, now is the perfect time to plan your trip to a local orchard to pick this season’s crop of apples. Apple picking is great for kids as the fruit is within kid reach and there are no thorns to deal with. Bring home a bushel and make yourself a pie and everyone’s favorite homemade applesauce. Make sure you check the website or call ahead to find out about availability before you make a day of it!

photo: Patrick Fore via Unsplash

Gabriel Farm
If eating organic is important to your family, head to Gabriel Farm (located in Sebastopol, a town practically synonymous with the fruit) where you’ll get a tour of the certified organic orchard in addition to the opportunity to pick your own apples through mid-November. Varieties include McIntosh, Gravenstein, Gala, Braeburn, Gilbert Golden Delicious, Fuji and Rome…

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