The Garden Guy: Living Eco-Friendly Before it Was Cool

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Harvest Watch

By Sara Gilbert

I recently returned to Rutland from Seattle, where eco-friendly living and eating is celebrated by nearly everyone, and consumer choices for ethically-produced food and other products abound. Organics are trendy; sustainable shopping is cool. But what does it mean to live eco-friendly in Vermont?

Many Vermonters have a deep knowledge of living connected to their human and natural communities. You want green before it was cool? I give you The Garden Guy. Based in Castleton, The Garden Guy is 60 years into a lifetime of locally grown and harvested eating. As a high school biology teacher, he introduced countless students to the principles of conservation, locally-based consumerism, seasonal eating, recycling, and appreciation for the resources of our local lakes and woods. I proudly count myself among his most devoted and admiring pupils: he’s my Dad.

Maybe it was Father’s Day that got me thinking about what I’ve…

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