What is a Soap Nut?

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I discovered soap nuts several years ago and I decided to give them a try. I remember my first question was “What on earth is a soap nut?” I had never heard of such a thing, and my curiosity got the best of me.

Soap Nuts (Sapindus) are a genus of 5 to 12 species of small trees and shrubs in the Lychee family. They are native to warm, temperate climates and tropical regions. Members of the genus are known as soap berries or soap nuts because the fruit is used to make soap. The soap nuts contain a saponin which is a natural surfactant and have been used by native people for thousands of years.

So now that you know what they are, what do you do with them? Well there are hundreds of uses, but in my house I mainly use them for laundry. The process couldn’t be easier. You take 4-5 soap nuts…

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