Fruit & Herbal Spa Water Recipes

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Spa Water Recipes by

Spa water.  Magically better because of some fruit or veggie slices.  It feels posh and luxurious and extra relaxing to sit in those fluffy robes while sipping spa water.

But here’s a secret girls…it’s super easy to make at home.  I make pitchers of it all the time.  And I am using the word “make” and “recipe” rather liberally here, peaches.

Not only is spa water great at a spa, but it’s perfect for a bridal or baby shower too.  It really adds a special option for those seeking something non-alcoholic.  I actually make it on a regular basis, just for my little self too.

So the standards are of course water with either cucumbers or lemon slices.  But other fun options for spa water are as follows…

* Creamsicle: Orange slices and one vanilla bean, sliced down center.
* Blackberry:  Handful of blackberries, lime…

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