winter woes be gone: how to heal thyself with essential oils

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When I’m teaching yoga, I’ll often use essential oils at the end of class. A gentle shoulder and neck rub with a little drop of lavender, vetiver or grapefruit seed oil can greatly enhance a student’s state of relaxation, and help her drop deeper into Savasana. It’s a lovely thing.

Essential oils are far, far more than just aromatic accessories to a yoga class. They have specific healing and medicinal purposes beyond smelling nice. They’ve been used for thousands of years the world over and are potent, effective and natural remedies to many ailments. Not just for physical healing, essential oils also have profound effects on emotional and mental healing, too.

Last fall I bought a basic handbook and started making my own blends. I’ve amassed many bottles of different oils (most oils you can find at Whole Foods, or at nicer pharmacies) and have used them for everything: from…

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