The Jewish Passover food tradition

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Passover is a grand Jewish festival that is celebrated over seven to eight days where a host of rich traditional foods are cooked. Families celebrate the ritual of serving the Sedar family meal on the initial two nights of the festivities. Some of the traditional Passover food is Matzoh, Maror, Beitzah and Charoses. There is the ritual of placing three unleavened matzohs within a napkin that is said to represent the hurriedness with which Israelites left Egypt. The Seder service generally serves two matzohs. Maror is a traditional dish that is generally composed of herbs.  It is a bitter dish that contains horseradish or romaine lettuce. The bitterness of the dish is said to symbolize the harshness of slavery.

Charoses is a traditional Passover food that contains ingredients like apples, nuts, cinnamon and wine. Charoses is prepared as a paste that imitates the brick and mortar made by the toiling…

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