Food Artisan Interviews: 10 Questions for Marianne Wiener, Anna’s Daughters’ Rye Bread

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Foie Gras and Funnel Cakes

Recollections of tastes and smells are said to be among the strongest triggers of sense memory. For Marianne Wiener, the tastes and smells of the rye bread she ate as a child in Denmark were planted so firmly in her memory that she was able to build a business for herself based solely on those memories.

Born and educated in Denmark, Marianne originally studied architecture and carpentry at The Royal Danish Academy where she earned a degree specializing in building restoration. She came to the U.S. to study with famed architect Frank Gehry in southern California and moved north to Sausalito with her now husband, eventually settling in Tomales Bay. After landing in the Bay Area, she realized that she wasn’t interested in working with architecture any more. “It’s a very one-sided area,” she said, referring to the area she was living. “You have the water on one-side and farmland…

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