Super Food: The Many Benefits of Himalayan Salt

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There are many wonderful health benefits of Himalayan salt– which is why you may have already been buying the pretty pink salts from your favorite health food store. But maybe you don’t know yet exactly what makes it so special– besides the fact that it comes from the famous Himalayan mountains of India– good, right?

Himalayan Salt: benefits of himalayan salt, himalayan salt, anti-inflammatory diet, eat consciously, stop inflammation, best anti-inflammatory dietMuch of the unique benefits of Himalayan salt have to do with the fact that it takes nearly 250 million years to form under heavy tectonic pressure. This process is different than other forms of salt, in that it is purified and free of toxins and pollutants. And unlike normal table salt which is an inflammatory and an energetically dead compound, there are many health benefits that have been discovered in the latest research on Himalayan salt:

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