Eco-Fashion and You: What you wear is more than an expression of style

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The 12th Avenue Project

Look at the coffee cup you are holding. If it’s from Seattle University, then chances are you can compost it. If it’s from the Starbucks down the street, then you most likely will throw that in the recycling. Now, avert your eyes to the t-shirt that you have on. You can’t compost that–but that doesn’t mean what you choose to wear on your shoulders doesn’t have the ability to impact the world around you.

One misconception I had about “eco-fashion” was the definition of it. There are multiple elements that create eco-friendly clothing. Magaly Fuentes-Sagan, owner of “Eco Fashion World,” describes eco-fashion as “all fashion products that have been created in such a way as to contribute to a healthier and more equal world.” The criteria behind this is broken into specific categories to help better define the broad concept–everything from buying products made without animal skin to…

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