Johnny Appleseed Day! [and Apple Crisp]

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Captivated by Cooking

Hello dear friends and happy Johnny Appleseed Day! I realize that being a Pre-K teacher I am part of the remnant that celebrates this holiday, and I love it! The start of the school day brought friends decked in kitchen pots and bearing apples in hand. As we’ve slowed down for a bit (naptime), I figured I’d give you a peek into my shenanigans at school, particularly because I was able to include a recipe in our lesson plans today! YAY!

We started our day by graphing how many of each color apple we had and recording it on our SmartBoard (for those of you not in education world these days, do some research on these! There are endless ways you can integrate it into lessons, and it can be a powerful learning tool! I only wish my teachers had these when I was in school…). Afterwards, I brought everyone…

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