Johnny Appleseed Day

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September 26 is Johnny Appleseed Day!

Chances are you haven’t thought about Johnny Appleseed since your elementary school days, but sharing the story of Johnny Appleseed  is a fun way to celebrate fall with your kids.

Fun Facts about Johnny Appleseed:

  •  “Johnny Appleseed” was a real person, named John Chapman, who lived from 1774-1845.
  • He walked over 100,000 square miles, through New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois planting apple seeds and selling young apple trees to settlers for as little as 6 cents.
  • The pot he’s known for wearing on his head was not just a statement headpiece – he used it for cooking his meals, too.

Johnny Appleseed Day is a great excuse to celebrate fall and enjoy a juicy apple straight from the farm.  Here are some apple-themed ideas to share with your family:

  1. Pick your own apples at Simmons Farm in McMurray.
  2. Buy some apple cider…

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