Ubiquitous Plastics, Toxic Sponges Extraordinaire

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Earth Dr Reese Halter's Blog

Huffington Post October 12, 2013

Toxic plastic pollution is filling-up the Great Lakes, European lakes and even subalpine lakes in Europe’s famed Alps. This insidious byproduct of petroleum has infiltrated the marine food webs and Earthlings are indeed in harms way.

It wasn’t until World War II that polyethylene (plastic single-use disposable bags, dispensable bottles), propylene (bottle caps, fishing gear) and polystyrene (take-away food containers) were invented, and by the late 1960s being mass-produced. By 1979, the production of plastics in the U.S. eclipsed that of steel. Today, globally humans produce 280 million metric tons of plastic, annually.

Plastics are long chains of monomer hydrocarbon molecules. And one of the principle ingredients of all plastics is crude oil. How much? Four percent of the entire world supply or about 3.4 million barrels of oil, each day, are used to make them.

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