Cultivating a Gardener in 6 Easy Steps

Great post for beginner gardeners

The Greenery

Create the most amazing garden ever! In just 10 short years! 

Garden trio

Excepted from The City Paper, March 24, 2013: So, you want to grow a garden, but you’re not sure where to begin. You get that dreamy look on your face when you enter the backyards of gardeners who seem to have The Gift, and you long for a Shangri-La of your own.

But you’re still not 100 percent clear on perennial vs. annual, and which is the one that keeps coming back every year.

The good news is: It’s OK. Breathe. You don’t have to speak Latin or understand soil chemistry to break ground. But there’s one question to ask yourself before you dig in: Do you want A garden, or do you want TO garden? Noun or verb?…read the full story at The City Paper archive.

City Paper gardens

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