An amazing nature writer!

Life Along The River

I awoke to unravel, the word that is, the verb. I don’t know why. I listen to my heart beat. I listen to its seemingly endless thud, thud, thud. Then it pauses and flutters and then as if I hit refresh it continues to bump along. I guess many things would unravel should the beat fail to continue. Unravel as in fail, or loosen, untangle, undo.

I eat and dress and go out into the backyard. Geese fly overhead, yakking. I don’t know which way they go this time of year. South. North. First they fly upriver and just as soon come back. Back and forth – back and forth they go.

I get confused sometimes. About direct objects, transitive and non transitive, regular and irregular. I mean how can I make sense of anything if verbs confuse me? I like things simple. I walk the road. I open the…

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