Black Pepper Tofu

This looks amazing!

One Happy Table

This intensely flavorful dish tastes like it came straight out of the kitchen of an authentic Asian restaurant. It’s really that tasty. I started with a basic recipe from the cookbook Plenty , but then made some changes to ease up on the spiciness factor (my kids are experimental when it comes to food but serving them things that are too spicy won’t help to instill their trust in me when I say, ‘Just try one little bite. Really, you’ll like it.'” ; )

I served this with jasmine rice and we each ate a good deal of it in order to temper the robust black pepper flavor. We also drank a ton of water. So hey, it’s a great dish for encouraging hydration!

But you will absolutely love it and your guests (or spouse or kids) will think you ordered in.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 cartons firm or…

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