It’s Not Laziness, We’re Just Not Well

Fabulous read. It is great to find like minded individuals that stay informed on many growing health issues that are plaguing the world. Thanks for the great write-up.

The Science of Nutrition

Boy From Behind 2 Boy From Behind – Sebastian Domenico

(January 2013)  The number of Americans receiving help from the government has skyrocketed over the last decade, which has placed an enormous burden on our ability to thrive as a nation. It’s understandable why Republicans, among others, are so angry about the large and growing percent of dependents in this country. It concerns me as well. But, I disagree with them on the reasons why we are in this predicament.

So often I hear that Democrats attract lazy, irresponsible people, who do not pay their fair share. Recall Romney’s comment on the “47% of Americans who are takers” that buried the Republications early in this last election cycle. Unfortunately, his comment did not discern among the seniors, veterans, students, and legitimate invalids, whom we need to care for, or pay back for their services. Still, that leaves a large demographic that could be doing…

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