My knee is the root of all eveil

A downright heartfelt, funny and touching story

Tootlepedal's Blog

Today’s guest picture is a detail of a very decorative ceiling seen by my sister Susan whose own blog has a series of very interesting visits recorded on it.

ceilingAs a result of applying a rare quantity of good sense to my back as well as a bit of self massage and some heat, it was right as rain this morning when I got up.  I might have been tempted to something silly as a result of feeling good about it, if I hadn’t inadvertently put my duff leg down while turning round sharply and really hurt my knee.

This had the beneficial side effect of making me take another day of rest though it is not a method that I would recommend as I only stopped crying at lunchtime.  (Pardonable literary hyperbole may be detected there).

On the plus side, the morning post brought a summons to two meetings…

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