Buying the Farm

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The Zero-Waste Chef

I’ve talked about dropping out of society and living off the land since high school when my beloved physics teacher Mr. Ross took a year-long sabbatical to farm with his family. In 2011, my sister beat me to the punch and bought a 120-acre farm northeast of Toronto (although she has not dropped out of society). Here are a few pics.


selfie and creek


barn hayMichelle and her husband Glenn have taken their time becoming farmers (Michelle still works full-time), and they don’t run a commercial operation. Their farm is more of a gigantic homestead-in-progress. They learn about permaculture, make maple syrup, bail hay, tend a giant apocalypse garden (my niece’s phrasing) and raise chickens and, more recently, goats.

clearing the brambles

goldenrod goatiesA couple of months ago, I started working with a real-estate agent not far from my hometown in Eastern Ontario. I want a smaller piece of land than Michelle and found a few nice-looking properties online within my…

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