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Today’s guest picture was provided by Mike Tinker.  It was sent to him by his daughter-in-law Jennie in New Zealand who was receiving a delivery of honey that can only be described as extremely fresh.

honey deliveryIt had been snowing quite hard when we went to bed last night but by this morning, this was all that was left…

light snow…and by the evening, even that had disappeared.

In the place of the snow, a miserable rain had appeared and I took advantage of this to have a very quiet day as far as exercise went and this had a beneficial effect on my rather stiff leg muscles.  It’s an ill wind.

A shot of the feeder shows some undaunted finches braving the rain…

busy feeder in rain…but I was certainly daunted and settled for some very easy pedalling on the bike to nowhere while Mrs Tootlepedal was singing in the church choir.

When I…

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