The Beauty of Spring

tepeeIt has been a long time since I have posted here on How 2 B Green. I usually spend my time on Travels with Mary. So, I thought I would share the beauty of spring with a few pics I have taken on my journeys. I spend a lot of time outdoors (rain, snow or shine) and have the great opportunity to witness Natures amazing wonders.

Old Tepee

On my small drive to the Bigfork area I had to stop to get a pic of this huge tepee. It is well over 100 feet high. If you look at the door, you can get an idea of its size. The tepee is constructed of concrete or plaster. I am not sure. Evidently it was a restaurant many years ago. I so happen to be traveling with an old timer here. When he was a kid he used to stop here often for a small meal or ice cream. In fact, he told me that he had his first date here with a young lady.

Today it is being taken care of my the home owners.

Turkeys on the roadWildlife and its Splendor

Here in northern Montana there is an abundance of wildlife. There are 246 species of birds alone in the area. I find that incredible.  Everyday I count my blessings.

The turkeys have a great story. I was outside of Whitefish on my bike when I came across the turkeys. There were about 6 turkeys crossing the road. The head honcho took the trail end to make sure all got across safely. Whenever a car came close it would fluff out its feathers in full spectrum. An amazing site! This large turkey was making itself look bigger to scare away the cars. It had no regards for itself, just concern for the safety of the herd.

Well, herd is the wrong word. I had to Bing this one. A group of turkeys is a “rafter”. So, the rafter got across safety as the cars patiently waited.

Now mind you, I was on the other side of the road. The turkey were headed in my direction. My focus was to get off the bike and get the camera out quickly. Well, I did not get a pic of the head turkey fluffing up it feathers, but I did get a good pic of them truckin’ across the road.

Cherry Orchards

ancient cherry treeAh, the cherry trees are in bloom! What a spectacular sight! A friend and I took a trip to the east side of Flathead lake. It is an area where cherry trees a grown abundantly.

There are numerous orchards that have a welcome invite to the old homesteads. In truth, the cherry orchards and tourism are what keep the economy somewhat lucrative in the town of Bigfork. A quaint artsy town located on Flathead lake. Now Flathead lake is very big (197 sq.miles). There are several small towns and communities that caress its shores such as Lakeside, Polson and Somers. Bigfork is the largest town on the lake.

There is also a place called the Cherry Creek Retreat. I would love to go back and see what they have to offer. I am sure they welcome everyone in open arms and host fine brunches and afternoon teas.

Oh, to my delight, there is one organic cherry orchard! Yeah!

Featured Pic

My featured pic is of a lilac bush! Oh how I love lilacs. They were my fathers favorite! The aroma is quite euphoric and invigorating. I always bring lilac bouquets home when they are in season! However, this year they aroma Really came in handy! It just so happened, the first bouquet I brought home was also the day our dog got sprayed by a skunk!  We have a white cram colored dog. I did not realize that skunk spray is bright yellow. What a mess and horrific smell..



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