Climate change is messing with gravity again

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The Southern Antarctic Peninsula has dropped the ice equivalent of 350,000 Empire State buildings into the ocean since 2009, according to new research in the journal Science. This level of ice loss is so great that it has actually caused a small shift in gravity, Science Daily reports.

Wait – don’t panic! The change in gravity doesn’t mean you’ll have to don a super-cool space suit any time soon. This type of gravity-shifting ice melt was previously documented in Western Antarctica. Here’s how Eric Holthaus explained it at the time:

Though we all learned in high school physics that gravity is a constant, it actually varies slightly depending on where you are on the Earth’s surface and the density of the rock (or, in this case, ice) beneath your feet.

So while you’re not at risk of suddenly floating away the next time you walk the dog, you might want to…

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