Norway’s approach to electric cars pays off in a big way

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Norway, you already stole our hearts by divesting from coal. Now, on top of that, electric cars account for a third of your new vehicle registrations, which is the greatest proportion of purchases in the world, according to Quartz.

Even just this year, Norwegians had already registered 8,112 plug-in cars by March, which marks a 40 percent increase from 5,775 vehicles by the end of the same quarter in 2014. In the same quarter, American drivers accounted for nearly 15,000 electric vehicle registrations. Yes, that means we beat Norway – but don’t start victory dancing yet! Compared to one in three of our Scandinavian friends, only one out of 100 new cars in the States run entirely on electricity.

So why are so many Norwegians opting for electric? Quartz explains:

In a word: incentives. Norwegians pay some of the world’s highest taxes, but they also receive tremendous benefits for buying electric cars. Electric…

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