The Sustainability Advocates in Lower Westchester

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Creating Food Security, Educating Farmers, Building Community

Gynwood volunteer helping with chickens

A big reason Hudson Valley’s small farmers have been so successful is the variety of local organizations that advocate for them. Whether it’s the one-on-one farmer training at Glynwood, the visitor-friendly atmosphere at historic Hilltop Hanover Farm, or the community garden and workshops run by Roots and Wings, there are local resources for anyone who wants to support sustainable farming, either as a consumer or a producer. As a result, everyone wins: farmers, families and communities.

Glynwood, Cold Spring, NY

Dave Llewellyn, Glynwood's  Director of Farmer Training, with apprentice at farm in Cold Spring

The mission of Glynwood is to ensure that farming thrives in the Hudson Valley. The nonprofit approaches that mission through farming, training farmers, promoting regional food, and collaborating with other organizations to realize its vision of a Hudson Valley defined by food—a place where farmers prosper, food entrepreneurs succeed, residents are nourished and visitors are inspired.

Farmer training at Glynwood is a hands-on…

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