What a Wonderful World

pond with tree reflection  “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” ― Jawaharlal Nehru ~~~

As I say goodbye to summer I jump pell mell into the last days of sunshine with as many bike rides and outdoors journeys that I can muster. On a whim,  I decided to take one last trip to Woodland park with my granddaughter before the cold set in. The walk did us both good.

The day was beautiful; bursting blasts of suns rays, the scurrying of squirrels to gather food before winter, the geese squawking their tune before they journey south and the flowers in bloom prior to Jack Frost nipping at their knees.

I was quite amazed that the park was so full of life!

Perhaps it’s because my glum attitude of summers end has left me in a stupor. But I pulled myself up by the bootstraps (glum or not), I decided to enjoy the last sunny days to the fullest. And indeed I have!

I know that all good things must come to an end. Well, sort of. It’s an age old saying that rings true definitely with the seasons. But there is also the promise of spring. Oh my, I am dreaming about spring already and winter hasn’t even arrived. I have to shake this ‘loss of summer’ feeling.

Ambrosia and tree

I really love summer; the warm sun making me break a sweat, the exasperating thirst and satisfaction of something cold gushing down my throat, the endless days in the garden or hiking Glacier Park with my friends, the many festivals with music, dance and eye-filled wonder.  Oh, so much to tell of the summers past.

Onward, back to the park.

Woodland park flowersIsn’t it grand, how busy nature gets right before the season changes. My granddaughter Ambrosia and I had a lovely time. And the adventure lightened our moods and put warm smiles on our faces.

Upon entering the park we decided to take the many backwoods trails that meander everywhere, instead of the boring sidewalk entrance we have seen a million times.

The trails are somewhat groomed but only by traffic from people and deer. They swing back and forth with steep inclines that can burn your knees if you don’t run down them. But all in fun, we giggled as we chased each other in and out of the trees as if we were in some magical fairyland.

Our first stop in the park were the flowers gardens. There are two beautiful gardens, both have gazebos and an arbor that is covered in vines and climbing roses.

Although the flower gardens are not as spectacular in the fall as they are in the late spring, I managed to get quite a few lovely pictures of what was still in bloom. The colors and contrast of textures were stunning. Both Ambrosia and I sat there a while and admired the beauty as we nuzzled together in warmth.

knobby treesOur next stop was the river. Well, in practicality the river turns and winds in several places within the park. But there is a favorite spot we both really adore. It is a small nook that is quite peaceful and private.

This tiny nook is enchanting, and yes there have been many times we have imagined little creatures scampering about their day like leprechauns, brownies, fairies and such.

It is overgrown with knobby trees and has a great view of a water fountain in the river with millions and trillions of ducks and geese.

Note: The above tree (second picture in post) that Ambrosia is climbing on is one of the knobby trees. And the pic to the right.

I think the sound of the trickling water and the birds happily floating around is what makes the alcove so peaceful, meditative and captivating.

The mystical knobby trees also play the part of otherworldly, it’s like stepping into a fantasy book such as the Hobbit. I swear, one of these days Bilbo Baggins is going to step right out of his hiding place to say hello. Should we join him and enter his mystical world?

turtle on logAfter our fantasy excursion we went to the playground to join many other kids laughing and frolicking. They to were on a journey of there own. I wonder what magical adventures they had in store.

Oh the stories to tell and the amazing wonder of it all.

Upon leaving,  Ambrosia and I meandered to a swampy part of the river. And if you look closely and stay perfectly still and silent you will oftentimes spot a unique creature or two.

On this fine day I got a quick glance of a turtle. If we had not stopped for a spell, I know we would have missed it. And as luck turns out, I got a couple great pics of this fascinating water reptile.

Until next time! ~~~ And remember, look for the adventure and beauty in all that you do and see.


One Last Pic! I have to share my pic of the fountain in the river with all the ducks and geese.

duck geese and water fountain


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