To the World’s Highest Organic Tea Garden – Kolukkumalai

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Once you start exploring the possible trekking spots around Tamilnadu, the options are limitless. I have started to experiment my limits. So this time I decided I wouldn’t settle for anything less than challenging.

Sometimes you don’t have to search for your needs. It will reveal itself when the time was right. That’s exactly how Facebook marketing works!

I found an event through Facebook suggestions which was hosted by TamilSelvan – someone I never know of . It was scheduled to happen at Kurangani, a village near Theni.

It was supposed to be 2 days trekking event. I was intrigued. From 3 to 4 hours trek in my previous Kodaikanal trip to continuous 2 days trekking seems to be quite challenging. So I decided to settle for it!

But this time I didn’t want to go solo. I asked Dileep, my boyfriend to come along. After all there are perks…

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