Guest Post: The Key to a Going Green

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Making your home green does not need to be difficult. The following tips will help you obtain a greener home.

Tip 1 – Get rid of large grassy areas in your lawn unless you have small children. Large expanses of gas require a lot of maintenance and water to stay healthy.

Eco friendly tipsTip 2 – Use plant species that are native to your area rather than exotic species. Native plants typically require less water and care than exotic species. Furthermore, native plant species are typically cheaper.

Tip 3 – You can reduce waste by composting organic wastes. Compost can be used to enrich your soil and add nutrients to your garden.

Tip 4 – Harvest rainwater to help conserve water. A rain barrel allows you to collect rainwater, which can be used to water your lawn or garden or wash your car.

Tip 5 – Check your plumbing fixtures for leaks…

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