Green Up Your Life: Insect Repellent

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4 little Fergusons

  We are Greening Up Your Life this month with some awesome posts on our FB Class page!  I hope you will come join us!  Easy, read along, learn at your own pace facts, videos and tidbits from MUAH!  🙂

  Today, I want to talk to you about about the dangers of BUG REPELLENT!!!!!

  Your skin is your largest organ, that means your body is DRINKING up everything you put on it! YIKES!

Have you ever read about the dangers of DEET and over the counter bug repellents?

  Come on over to the RV Oilers Blog to learn about a HOMEMADE, NATURAL, SAFE insect repellent we make ourselves.    We use this on our kids, ourselves and even our dog.  Smells amazing and we sure love it!!!!

New blog today – Green Up Your Life: Insect Repellent

Hugs, T

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