Give Us Our Bread Daily…

Eat Already!

I am a bread snob. Why? Because I grew up in a country where you can survive on bread alone for months at a time, and not get sick of it.  Because our local bread store had freshly baked, still steamy and hot bread delivered twice a day.  Because our bread varieties were many, flavors were plenty, and freshness was the first and foremost priority.

47% Rye Bread from Wild Yeast Blog

We were buying bread every day. If we were lucky enough to score ‘just-off-the-bread-truck-fresh’ loaves, we’d always purchase extra, because walking one-and-a-half blocks from the bakery to the house were enough to devour that extra, or at least pinch the delectable crust off of it. We had white, sourdough white, rye, gray, black, and everything in between. The loaves had names.  Our bread stores were self-serve, and special long neck forks were provided for customers to probe the loaves for freshness and crustiness.  No one…

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