It’s Not Easy Being Green (and other words of motivation)

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La Petite Ecolo

Going green can appear a colossally difficult task at first. Once you’ve started, as in my case probably with something small such as frustration with over-packaging in supermarkets, you begin to notice all sorts of areas in our everyday lives which are filled with unnecessary waste or pollution, plastic or otherwise. It’s easy to feel frustrated with the slow progress of governments and authorities to regulate what seems glaringly obvious to you as one of the biggest global threats of our time.

The other problem is that being green sometimes just isn’t that convenient. By asking people to stop using plastic and shop more consciously you’re asking them to return to a life before ready-meals, conservable food products, pret-a-porter clothing, and Starbucks takeaways. It requires a change of habits and reflexes, and even for the most green-minded eco-warrier (or so I tell myself anyway) this poses a big challenge, and…

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